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iThrive Rehab Group is a therapist owned rehab company that was started to meet the growing need of quality, state of the art therapy, in the comfort and privacy of the home. Our passion is to provide rehab that is functionally driven, so that our clients can maximize their potential for independent daily living in their own environment. Our team of highly skilled and compassionate clinicians service private residences, assisted living communities, and adult medical day care programs, developing and delivering individualized therapy programs with interdisciplinary collaboration, so that our clients achieve results that are real and functional, faster. We offer a number of specialty programs, including fall prevention, home safety, dementia care, joint replacement, and low vision.

Leah Safer, SLP.D., CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

Dr. Leah Safer brings years of experience as a highly skilled rehab director in an outpatient private clinic and as a treating clinician in sub-acute rehab, skilled nursing facilities, and outpatient clinics. Dr. Safer has developed an online multimedia training program that was piloted worldwide on core vocabulary for parents and caregivers of individuals with AAC needs. Dr. Safer presented at the ATIA conference together with leading professionals in the field of AAC. She supervises and mentors SLP’s in various states. Dr. Safer is currently on the Medical Advisory Committee for Therapy Network providing clinical feedback in utilization management, referrals, and general diagnosis trends as well as assisting in developing clinical outcome standards and guidelines for Therapy Network providers. Dr. Safer is passionate about high quality functional therapy that allows the patient to excel in their most natural environment. By providing patients with the appropriate tools to communicate effectively in the most efficient manner, they are in essence acquiring the essential tools to lead a productive, fulfilling, and happy life.

Reva Friedman, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

Reva Friedman brings years of experience as a director of rehab of an outpatient clinic and as a treating clinician in various settings, including subacute rehab, skilled nursing facilities, assisted and independent living as well as in private residences. She is the director of a Speech Therapy Clinic for individuals with neurogenic disorders, and supervisors graduate students in their clinical placements. Reva holds multiple advanced certifications, including Vital Stim, a Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Modality (NMES) that treats swallowing disorders. As a Dementia Care Specialist, Reva utilizes a transformative abilities based approach that promotes a sense of well-being and accomplishment in patients with Dementia. Reva co-presented at a community education event for caregivers of the elderly on the topic of “Safety and Independence at Mealtime.” Reva is committed to delivering patient centered care to seniors in their own homes, where she has found patients to be the most comfortable and motivated to participate and succeed.

Esther Brieger, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

Esther Brieger is a certified Occupational Therapist with several years of experience as a rehab director in various settings including orthopedic rehab, home care, and outpatient clinics. Esther holds various certifications: She is a Dementia Care Specialist and is also certified in physical agent modality use. Esther co-presented for a community education event for caregivers of the elderly on the topic of “Safety and Independence at Mealtime.” She is knowledgeable and experienced in working with the senior population in their own environments, enabling them to live life with as much independence as possible. Her passion is to bring holism back to the field of OT transforming everyday routines into enjoyable and meaningful experiences.

iThrive. It’s in our name.